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27 Sep 2012

Hey people, I forgot to put up my comic last night! I got distracted by my new phone plus Borderlands and my brain was like "comic who?"

It is ready to put up, and i will do it the minute i get home. (about 5pm Australia time)


18 Jun 2012


Ok, so Thunt, the creator of Goblins comic has asked his readers to advertise his comic, and this is my contribution, I hope if you have never read goblins that you give it a go! (Kell says it all)



19 Jan 2012

Hey boys and girls... and other...

I had a request to enable comments on my comic pages... which I didn't do...

Instead I got you a forum... which I will keep an eye on in case anyone has any really good ideas or feedback or whatever...

you can get to it by... wait for it... clicking the 'forum' link.... OMG the complexity, the madness! and so on and so forth...

have fun.. or not, up to you really...


03 Nov 2011

I now have an email address for anyone that wants to say hello.



01 Nov 2011

Things are coming along great, I've got the Drawn and Dangerous domain, getting the ideas down for comic #12, and you can now find the site with google:

I've decided to put up new comics twice a week, and the comics are getting done faster than that so it shouldn't be hard to keep up the regular update. The more I draw them the easier it gets.

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